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The ENERGETIK Company Group offers equipment installation and pre-commissioning services:

Equipment Installation

The scope of work includes assembly and installation of process equipment, structures and other instruments and appliances for boiler house.


Commissioning of the installed equipment If it is so agreed, the following stages can be included:
  • Study of the project and technical documentation. Inspection of the equipment assembled and installed; check the equipment installation for conformance to the requirements of the project documentation.
  • Unit performance test.
  • Initial training customer staff on safe operation of the equipment and its design.
  • Check of automatics, setting-up sensors and transmitters and actuating mechanisms.
  • Startup procedure.
  • Check of equipment protection by alarm parameter settings; check of safety valves settings.
  • Environmental and thermal testing, boiler environmental performance testing, selecting optimal combustion mode.
  • Adjustment of boiler water regime.
  • A 72-hour performance test of boiler house.
  • Data processing and analysis of test results. Preparation of technical report and regime map.
  • Handover of boiler house to the customer Works are carried out in accordance with the regulations of the State Committee of Ukraine on Industrial Security, Labour Protection and Mining Supervision