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Product quality

A full range of products

Range of products manufactured by KZ ENERGETIK allows industrial boiler house or heating plant of any capacity to be fully equipped.

The Company has entered the production of boilers, which showed reliable operation, and are not inferior in their characteristics to the best foreign analogues.

MPVF ENERGETIK products are manufactured meeting all process requirements under rigorous quality control at each stage of manufacture.

The Company guarantees reliability, quality and safety of equipment manufactured by KZ ENERGETIK, if installation instructions and operating conditions are met.


ENERGETIK products are not inferior in their reliability to the foreign analogues. Boiler of each series is provided with a 20-year warranty A 2-year after-sales warranty service support is provided to the customer from the date of equipment commissioning.

Quality Control

ENERGETIK products are manufactured in strict accordance with the Rules of Arrangement and Safe Operation of Steam and Hot-Water Boilers (NPAOP 0.00-1.60-66).

The Company applies only certified semi-finished products and components with the appropriate marking. Specified properties are checked for compliance by incoming inspection.

Steam and hot-water pipelines are manufactured in accordance with NPAOP 0.00-1.11-98. When manufacturing, repairing and installing steam and hot-water boilers, steam-, hot-water- and gas-supply pipelines, pressure vessels, arc welding procedures are certified by the Scientific-Technical Center of Quality Assurance and Certification SEPRO of the NAS of Ukraine (UkrSEPRO System) based upon the tests of the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute.

The Company has established incoming, in-process and final product quality inspection. The accredited Factory Test Laboratory using destructive and non-destructive test methods including radiographic, ultrasonic and hydraulic tests maintains quality control of the manufacturing operations.

Highly qualified workers and engineers are aware of standards, regulations and specifications ensuring all manufacturing processes and procedures are within relevant standards.

Safety of products produced by ENERGETIK is confirmed by Certificates of Conformity to Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation (the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Decree No.35 dated January 19, 2009).